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Alligators 'n Roadkill
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Sunday, April 4, 2010

Whas happenin'?

Feb. 5, 2008
'bout time for a brief update, I guess.

Since things seem to have stopped of late, we started making calls to our attorney in CR, and I sent emails to the Consulate in Houston, just to see where we are. Our lawyer has not heard from anybody, and the Consulate had told us that she would be contacted by the immigration folks, to set up the translation of our documents.

So, I asked the Consulate, and Dania has suggested that we can go ahead and make the extra trip that I always knew we would have to take, and so we are planning a quick trip next month.

Blanca has her Spring Break the week of March 10 -15, so we'll fly down to Liberia on Saturday, 03 08, spend that night and Sunday in Arenal, and then drive to San Jose on Monday. The idea is that we will then try to get our fingerprints and photos taken care of, and arrange for the translation of our documents. And, we were reminded, this will be a good time to pay what they are charging us, at present around $300.00 total.

Hopefully, according to the Consulate, if we can arrange all of this, we will be done, and then it will truly be just a matter of waiting for the Cedulas.

¡Ojala! ¡Si Dios es servido!

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