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Alligators 'n Roadkill
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Sunday, April 4, 2010

we almost on the way

Mar. 14, 2009
well, we are closer to being packed. The movers, from Ship To Costa Rica (Bekins, I believe, on this end), should be here on Thursday to pack whatever we have not managed to pack, and then, on Friday, they are to load our things into the container. We will then take off on our Farewell tour, first to Austin, TX, then back up to Arlington,TX, then over to El Paso, and finally, back over to the Dallas area to catch our flight to Liberia, on May 4............I'll try to add to this next week, after we have seen the container depart.

April 3, 2009
Oh, wow! I forgot to update this thing!
The movers did show up on schedule (but, not from Bekins), and they did pack most everything on Thursday, March 19, and managed to fit it all into a 20ft. container, on Friday, the 20th. The Container remained up on the trailer the whole time, and departed immediately after they closed and sealed the doors.
We then headed down to Austin, where we spent the remainder of that weekend, and attended one serious post-SXSW party in the backyard of our son, AD, who is very active in the music scene there.
We also reunited with all of our children and grandchildren over that weekend.
Then, up to Arlington for a day or so, and now we are in El Paso, at the home of our second son, John, Jr.
We are saying goodbye to old family friends, and to the many family members who live here, in the company of our youngest son, Andrew, who has brought his new baby and his wife over for this week ending Sunday.
We wanted to make a quick visit into Chihuahua, Mexico, while we are over here, but have decided that this is not a good time to be traveling down there with all the current violence. So, our best friends, who live there, are going to drive up here on Sunday, to spend a couple of days with us, before we head back to Arlington.
We have learned that the electricity and the water have been run to our property in CR, and hopefully, construction can begin soon after our arrival there at the end of this month.

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