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Alligators 'n Roadkill
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Friday, August 23, 2013

Boy, Has This Guy Got A Wrong Number!

Or, maybe that title should be that this guy got the wrong address.  I really don't know what term to use to describe what came in the mail today (see the letter below):

I don't think there is any one word description that I can use.  Ultimately, this should come under the heading of "just how desperate is Google, anyway?"

               As you can see, this Blog had at one time a total of 31 followers.  I'm sure that today's number is more like one, since my mom died.  So, that equates to not very much traffic, right?  Yes, I did sign up for Google's AdSense back when this was still known as "Grumbles From Arenal."  And, it has paid me a total of maybe ten dollars in over three years time.  That's right.  Lots of traffic here.  My server keeps crashing, don't you know?
               Well, I would have gone ahead and followed the directions in the letter you see, but I have been so busy just trying to direct traffic.  Maybe tomorrow.