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Thursday, July 24, 2014

It is no longer just Whataburger.

Well, we have resumed our search for that perfect burger back home, and we have a new burger place.  Blake's Lotaburger has made it to Far East El Paso, Texas.  That's right.  This formerly exclusive to New Mexico tradition (since 1952) has begun to spread into Texas with their second El Paso location!  This new store front operation, with a drive through window, has opened conveniently close to El Dorado High School, on Edgemere Blvd., at its intersection with Tierra Este Road.

You can learn a bit about Blake's history and what they offer at their web site (, but suffice it to say that El Pasoans have long been aware of them, and now find that we do not have to drive all the way to Las Cruces to sample and enjoy their fare.  I ordered a regular Lotaburger, hold the mustard, substitute Mayo, regular fries, and a Chocolate Malt (something you don't often see on a burger joint's menu these days).

Overall, I am giving Blake's a 7 out of a possible 10.  The burger was actually OK, although obviously previously frozen and formed.  The fries were OK, pretty standard, with the skins (the way I prefer them), but imho just not brought to that golden brown that comes with just a touch of crunchiness.  In other words, they could be better.  I declined their 'seasoned' fries.  My grandson asked for the Chili-Cheese Fries, and said they were great, especially the Chili.  He and his grandmother had the add-on Hatch Green Chile on their burgers, and both liked what they got.

The two grand daughters that were with us just had the very basic Itsaburger, with only ketchup.  Our youngest diner, Julius, had his usual "I need a Cheeseburger," which was Blake's version of a Kiddie burger.  He never really eats that much, so who knows how good or bad that might have been.

Ultimately, I have to report on the biggest disappointment we experienced.  I asked for a Chocolate Malt, and John, Jr., asked for a Cherry Milk Shake.  These were both in cups with lids, and very full.  Before we could find a seat, and get the rest of our food, they began to melt, and I have to report, once melting, they no longer even looked like a dairy product, since they both turned into a rather clear liquid, with mine of course being brownish, and his pinkish.  The taste was OK, but obviously not a true Milk Shake, with real ice cream involved.  John, Jr. did not take more than one drink of his, and we threw away the remainder.

So, what have we learned?  Blake's Lotaburger is better than Whataburger, but ain't gonna gain no big raves any time soon.