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Friday, April 23, 2010

3g what?

Here's an update I didn't expect to be able to post:

Yesterday, while in town (Nuevo Arenal), a friend told me that he had just gone to the local ICE office and requested that he begin to receive the full high speed. He said that they have changed his plan, and by the time he arrived at home, he was expecting to have a full broad band connection. So, I went over there immediately, and was told by Yurbin, the young man who works alongside Sheila, that the reason we had not been receiving full speed, and the reason we had not been charged the higher cost we originally had agreed to was that there had been a pending court case that has now been resolved. Reportedly, the High Court had said that ICE could not have the different pricing tiers, for slower to fastest speeds, but they have now reversed themselves. I personally had not seen or heard anything about this, but I asked him to please switch me immediately to the fastest speed possible. (It might be remembered by some that the original promise we got from ICE was that we had a special introductory price because the highest speed just was not available yet. I, for one, was under the impression that they would automatically begin delivering the higher speed as soon as it was ready, but it turns out this was not the case).

At any rate, I will now be charged around $24.00 per month, and my first speed test upon returning home yesterday afternoon was indeed just over 1000Kbps. Upload still sucks, but wow..........what can I say? Maybe something like, "Get to the ICE office, and ask them to speed your connection up to the full deal?"


  1. We have 3G here (our only 'net connection pending a DSL line, which is probably months away) and are generally happy with it. We got it via a TDMA swap, so I think that's why we're in the lower tier (700Kbps max), but on the other hand we only pay $7/month. I always think about asking them to put me in the higher speed tier, but I'm hesitant to feel that extra $17 bite. Not sure it's worth it.

  2. so far, it's not.....the speed is still not consistent at all.