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Sunday, April 4, 2010

But, it is what it is

Oct. 20, 2007
Quick Update: the documents that I sent to Washington, D. C., are back, and have the Consular authentication, but are not complete! They lack the Consular Stamps that make them truly official. My Cashier's check has been returned, and they enclosed a one page (with very large print) document that reads: FOR YOUR IMMEDIATE ATTENTION AS OF JUNE 25, 2007 THE CONSULAR STAMPS SHOULD BE PAID IN COSTA RICA AT THE MINISTRY OF FOREIGN AFFAIRS. THE CONSULATE DOES NOT HAVE CONSULAR STAMPS AT THIS MOMENT.
Say what? No further information has been provided. I am feeling more and more like I have been caught up in a huge Catch-22. The immigration laws of CR say that I may not apply for legal residence from within that country. The law says that I must apply at the Consulate nearest my home, in my native country. Now, in addition to having learned that I cannot get/take my finger prints in my country, and I cannot submit photos taken in my country, but must have these done in CR, I also have to go to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (did I mention that this has to be in CR???) in order to obtain the official Consular Stamps on my many extra trips to CR am I going to have to take before I can take the one that actually counts????
Oh, well, since this is Saturday, for now I will wait until Monday, and see if I can't get a live person at a Consulate to talk to me, and hopefully, 'splain some of this to me.

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