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Alligators 'n Roadkill
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Saturday, June 16, 2018

If I were King

My ideas of some things we need to change:

  1. Dump the Patriot Act
  2. Dump Citizens United
  3. Restore the Fairness Doctrine
  4. Make it illegal for attorneys to advertise direct to the public.
  5. Make it illegal for pharmaceutical companies to advertise prescription medications direct to the public.
  6. Strictly and stringently regulate the health care industry, beginning with making it illegal for health care entities to profit from the delivery of health care.
  7. Institute term limits on members of Congress.
  8. End the war on drugs, and free all those presently incarcerated for non-violent drug related crimes, expunging their records.
  9. Restore the educational system to something designed to actually educate our children.
  10. Find a way to redistrict all states in such a way as to ignore political parties.
  11. Get the money out of politics completely, while outlawing all political lobbying, beyond that of a single constituent lobbying his/her elected representative for something specific to his/her district.
  12. Ban all Gunz!
  13. Cut the Defense Department's budget by at least 75%.
  14. End foreign aid other than in times of natural disaster.
  15. Stop the sale of all arms and other weapons of war to all foreign entities.
  16. Provide health care to all citizens.
  17. Encourage participation in unions at all levels.
  18. Establish a fair minimum wage, above a bare subsistence level
  19. Set a cap on CEO salaries, well below that presently enjoyed.
  20. End all corporate welfare.