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Alligators 'n Roadkill
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Sunday, April 4, 2010

Some good things have happened

Aug. 17, 2009
I guess its been a while, huh? OK: we managed to secure a construction loan in June, and our house is almost finished as I write this. Just lacking doors/windows/fixtures. We bought a 2005 Suzuki Gran Vitara XL-7 in mid-June, on one of our trips to La Uruca (the Suzuki dealership is a couple of blocks from Migracion), and it is serving us well. We entertained our granddaughters here from early July until this past Sunday, when they had to return to Texas, along with Grandma. She will return here (around the 5th or 6th of September) for our appointment with Migracion on Sept. 7, and then, we will (hopefully) settle into our home up until we leave for Texas again around the 20th of Sept., for our son's wedding in early October, in Austin.

I have had to depend on a dialup internet connection (and, believe me, this is not fun, especially since the 'net is no longer mostly text, but serious graphics are now involved), but have hopes that I will have something resembling a broadband connection in a couple of weeks.

I have also purchased - well, paid half down, and am waiting for the Revision Technica in a couple of days - a Bajaj. This is a 2007 model, three wheel scooter thing that I hope to put to use for local trips to and from Nuevo Arenal and Tilaran.

This means a trip to Liberia to the MOPT office to see about trying to get a motorcycle operator's permit added to my Tico drivers' license. I'll try to update if/when this happens.

There are all kinds of details that I have left out here, and I do apologize for that. So, if anyone wants to know about the multitude of trips to hardware stores all over this part of Guanacaste, for things for the house, let me know, and I'll try to recount some of the interesting parts (not to mention one trip to Alajuela to visit PriceSmart).......

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