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Sunday, April 4, 2010

Our Saga began

With heartfelt thanks to the one and only GringoBob (AKA, The Old Gringo, Mr. Bob Cash), a true gentleman, who lives happily in La Tigra, San Carlos/Quesada, Costa Rica, in a truly special place (He calls it The Ponderosa, and you can get a glimpse of it here:

Bob started that web site, connected with his business interests in that area, some time ago, and later on, was kind enough to invite me to be a moderator on his forum, which could use a few more visitors, btw, at …………….That forum is where I wrote the chronicle of our adventure connected with obtaining our legal resident status here in Costa Rica.
The Chronicles of Residence (stolen shamelessly from latigra.proboards & no puns intended):

April 26, 2007
(From La Tigra's Forum):
Keep an eye on this spot! It isn't going to happen too terribly soon, but for those who want to know the process, and how it works, we'll be posting information, as it happens (as in first hand) about how to apply for and obtain pensionado status. We (my wife and I) will be in Costa Rica this July, on what we fervently hope will be our last vacation there prior to moving there. We plan to retain an attorney during this trip to represent us on that end as we begin this journey.

Upon our return to Texas in late July, we expect to be taking some positive steps towards completing the process: put our home on the market, finalize retirement for my wife (I already have a small pension, that is big enough at least to qualify us for the pensionado status), begin accumulating those documents necessary, plan a trip to Houston, Texas, where the nearest Costa Rican Consulate is to us, and actually put our application in there, hopefully, towards the end of this year, or maybe early in 2008.

Our goal is to get things in place sometime in 2008, to make our move. We do plan on getting a container to ship, because we want to keep some of our things (king size bed/bedroom set, queen size bed for a second bedroom, stereo, office, including my desk, plasma TV, small LCD TV, boxes of books, CDs, DVDs, kitchen stuff, washer/dryer, small fridge (old one that I have had for more than twenty years, just for my beer; gotta keep those Bavarias cold, you know), big fridge, with the ice maker (ice in the beer is a Tico thing, you know), tools, and whatever else we can squeeze in.

At any rate, I intend to post updates as this process begins, and then periodically, as events transpire, just in case anyone is interested in real-time, first hand recounting of the process. OK?

So, stick around, or at least check in from time to time, just to see what is going on.

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