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Sunday, April 4, 2010

Ever get the feeling that the faster you go, the slower you're moving?

June 8, 2009
This is the update I did NOT want to have to post.
As mentioned last month, we have returned to San Jose, and spent the entire day once more in the less than welcoming confines of La Migracion. We had two items in mind this trip: first, we thought we were going to pick up the certificado de status migratorios and get an update on the overall status of our applications. Actually, after having checked their web site ( just this past weekend, I expected to find that we were all ready to go, because our progress had gotten to "Notificado," whatever that means.

We waited patiently, as usual, until my name was called very late in the morning (like, shortly before noon). The young man who called me said that he had done so only to tell me that he could not locate my expediente. I therefore asked him about my wife's file, and he had it right there, with her letter accepting residency all prepared, and he had her sign it right then. He then told us to go get lunch, and he would for sure have my file after 1:00 pm. Not only did he NOT have the file, but he never did find it, and he managed to misplace my copy of my comprobante during the course of the day!

So, after spending all d**n day, and facing his inability to tell me what to do, we sought out the office of contraloria (controlership), and asked them for guidance. The nice young lady there first said that the computer told her that my file had been given over to the person responsible for sending the notification fax to our attorney, and that was likely the reason the other people could not find it.

That proved not to be the case, so then she said that some four or five boxes of files with numbers similar to mine had been somehow dumped all over the floor of the file room, and there was simply no time or staff to look through all of these files. I offered to go through them, but - naturally - this offer was refused.

So, the long and the short of it is that my wife is approved, but has no cedula, I am reportedly approved, but not only do I lack said cedula, but evidently, after all this time, I don't even have a file. She took our phone number, and said that she will find the file, and arrange our appointment to return yet again, hopefully, the next time to complete the process, but I somehow doubt that.

So, this was our third trip to La Uruca, and we really don't feel like we have progressed any farther than we did on our first trip.

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