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Alligators 'n Roadkill
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Sunday, April 4, 2010

beaurocrat should be a four-letter word.

June 15, 2009
Well, here is another report. Our fourth trip to La Uruca has come and gone.....pretty much another two days lost, plus the travel from Arenal to San Jose, and two nights' lodging & meals. This was made because the young lady who we thought was so helpful last week, called on Friday to let us know that my file had been located, and she said that she was going to smooth things out for us for our Cedula appointment. So, we changed plans, and came down here yesterday.

Turns out, her help consisted of having us go sit and wait the same area where we have already spent so much time (Door #3), until my name was called. Sure enough, without taking a number or any of the usual stuff, my name was called by the same guy who could not locate my file last week. This was for the purpose of me signing my official document of residency. This meant that we could then go back to the Information windows (after 1 pm) to request our appointments for our cedulas!!!!!

When I asked him about the certificate that we had requested way back on May 9, he said, "Well, you don't need that since you already have your residency." I then explained again that we do need that for the CAJA, so he said he would get the person who handles the certificates to do it right then....."Should only be about two hours," he said.....Hah!
We didn't get out of that d**n place until after four o'clock this afternoon...............these people seem to lack any self-respect, since they so obviously have no respect for others............

I tried so many times to explain to them about the date and time of our pending appointments for the cedulas, but to no avail...........we had made plans to return to Texas late this summer, until after the first weekend in October, for our oldest son's wedding, and guess when our appointment is to be? That's right, Sept. 7, so now we have to do some travel adjustments, and who knows what all else......

well, as I said, another two days spent in the pursuit of a couple of documents....................they have no idea of what it costs people in terms of time, and travel expense, and what's more, they don't seem to care.....

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