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Alligators 'n Roadkill
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Sunday, April 4, 2010

Some developments

Aug. 18, 2007
Quick update: My work has changed a bit (I made the mistake of telling the folks where I was working that I was getting close to pulling the plug, so they didn't renew a contract, and now I have to adjust to a different work load, with a lot of new demands. Not a good thing at this point in my career, but the upside of it is that at least I am working from home for the next few months). And, we have formally requested that Blanca's IRA rollover the amount necessary to complete her pension buyback, and just this morning received acknowlegement that they have processed the request, and are sending payment directly to the Teachers' Retirement System. That means that she can go ahead and request her retirement packet in September, 90 days prior to her projected date of retirement. So, next we will request our certified/notarized/formalized/official birth certificates and marriage certificate. And, I'll get busy making copies of our passports, and creating passport photos. Meanwhile, we still have not received our copy of the Power of Attoney from our attorney in CR (there was a delay in our designate/delegate being able to visit the attorney's office to finalize his end of things; a family medical situation that has now been resolved, so hopefully this will be completed within the next few days). As we used to say in Mexico, and I believe we will say in CR: "poco a poco."

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