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Sunday, April 4, 2010

I can do it!

Sept. 1, 2007
slow progress to report. I have requested (online) certified copies of our birth certificates, our marriage certificate, and the verification of my tiny pension. As I understand the process, when they get here, I will next need to send them all to the respective Secretarys of State (Washington, California, and Texas) for their certification of the certification. After that, I will most likely send them all to the Costa Rican Consulate in Washington, D.C., for HIS certification (the option there would be to send my birth certificate to the CR Consulate in Northern California, my wife's to the one in Southern California, and our marriage certificate and my pension document to the one in Houston, Texas). Seems a bit more sensible to just send them all to the one Consulate that has power over all parts of the U.S., as it were.....After that, we'll make an appointment in Houston, make sure that we have our passport photos and copies of our passports, THEN go get the police report as close to the date of our appointment in Houston. Hopefully, we can complete all of this before Thanksgiving.....wish us luck!

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