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Alligators 'n Roadkill
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Sunday, April 4, 2010

last train to Clarksville

April 22, 2009
Nothing new to report, really. We are now in Arlington, TX, simply waiting for these next few/last few days to pass. Departure is still set for April 29, one week from today. We have learned that our belongings have arrived in CR, and are currently being held by the Customs folks in Alejuela, pending their receipt of a current entry stamp on my passport (which, of course, won't be possible before our actual arrival), and payment to the movers. First thing Thursday, April 30, I will need to go to our bank in Arenal, and ask them to please fax a copy of my entry stamp to the movers, along with arranging for a 'SINPE' to the movers.

Then, on Sunday we plan to drive to San Jose, where we hope to get some sort of update from La Migracion, and apply for our CR drivers' licenses. At the end of that week (May 4-8) our things should be delivered, and they will go right into storage.

More later, as and when things develop. Stay tuned.

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