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Thursday, June 15, 2017

Because Gunz

Yesterday morning, yet another shooting took place.  This was counted as number 154 of such similar incidents so far this calendar year.  This was not the first time that a member of Congress got caught up in the gun fire (Gabby Giffords, Arizona, remember?), but it is the first time that members of the Greed Over People political party were targeted.

Apparently, they did not enjoy the experience.  Especially the one who is listed in critical condition today, Rep. Steve Scalise, the Majority Whip of the House.  Incidentally, it was this person who famously trumpeted about a victory enjoyed by his party over President Obama's attempt to bring some semblance of rational thought to the entire gunz control mess, referring to the outdated Second Amendment, not that long ago.

In the wake of this latest shooting, instead of hearing any talk of finally trying to do something about all the deaths of Americans, by American gunfire, what I am hearing is pretty much insanity.  I heard some rethuglican on NPR yesterday calling for 'beefed up' security for members of Congress.  And, of course, we hear the NRA screaming that this is further proof of the need for MORE damn gunz, and fewer restrictions on firearms!  All of this with the same, empty platitudes and plain bullshit about prayers and "If you do this to one of us, you do this to ALL of us" is also getting mention.

Personally, I wonder why that last sentiment does not apply to literally ALL OF US, instead of just to members of Congress, few of whom give a shit about the REST of us. Maybe if members of Congress have to finally accept the same level of security as the rest of us, they'll finally understand that it is freaking insane to allow any old Tom, Dick, or Harry to buy or own a gawdam gunz!  It is wrong to allow people to walk around with gunz!  It is wrong to have to be shot by a crazy person with a gunz just because an amendment to a more than two hundred year old document said that we could have a "well regulated militia!"

Crazy people with gunz are NOT part of any well regulated milita!  Not now.  Not then!

So, here it is, America!  A serious, for real moment of truth!  Will you now, finally, get after Congress to pass some meaningful laws to protect the general public (as well as members of that same damn Congress) from crazy people with gunz?!  Please?!

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