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Friday, June 16, 2017

Baby Killers and Politics.

I think that most folks who know me do know by now that I believe that there is no place for religion in politics, and that political decisions, or voting choices made by citizens need to be based on the law and on seeking the most benefits for the most people.  That has a lot to do with what I remember being taught during my years of public school education in the State of Washington.  "Majority rules," we were taught.

So, to carry this idea to a logical (to my mind) conclusion, I believe that it is not necessary to ask any candidate what their religion might be, and I believe that the candidates for whom I want to vote are those who I feel will support and enforce the laws that exist, and work to change those that may be unfair, or somehow against the common good.

I also think it is important to keep in mind that this is a large nation, with a diverse population, and the way in which it has succeeded, to the extent that it has succeeded, is by all of us working together.  Therefore, it is important to recognize that we are not all the same color, we have not all attained the same educational level, we are not all the same religion, and that we are all influenced by our families and by our environments.

For me to seek out candidates who I believe will support my religious views over yours is inherently wrong, and could be very damaging to the very foundations of this nation.   So, when I encounter anyone who seems to have made a voting decision based solely on their religious beliefs, it is - to say the least - very upsetting.  To me such a decision is tantamount to you forcing your religion on me and everyone else, thus denying all of us our basic right to choose.

Likewise, to say that one is "Pro-Choice" does not mean that one necessarily supports abortion.  What it means, essentially, is that I, as a person who advocates Pro-Choice, do not believe that I am the boss of you, and your choices.  How can I, in a free country, ever presume to impose upon you my choices, my life-style, or my values?  If you believe in the freedom that was established by our Constitution, then you cannot reasonably expect me, or anyone else, to give up our rights in favor of yours.

It is that simple, and that complicated.

The reason I started this piece way back in September of 2016 was because we had a conversation with some old friends who told us how they could not in good conscience support Hillary Clinton for President because she was a baby killer.  In their minds, anyone who supports Planned Parenthood, or who declines to tell women what to do with their bodies is nothing more than a baby killer.  Never mind that abortion is just one of many health related services offered by places like Planned Parenthood.  Never mind that abortion is one of the least frequently performed services.  Never mind that the number of abortions carried out is actually significantly fewer in an atmosphere where all female health related services are available.  As long as that one service is offered, all services are condemned, and to be denied to all women, in the minds of these people.

It is my belief that these women did go ahead and either vote for the sick man who currently inhabits the White House, or perhaps for a third party candidate, but I consider people like this to be the main reason this nation is today faced with a serious crisis.

And, I say, "Damn you!  Damn you all!"

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