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Friday, March 24, 2017

The Greedy Bastards at EPEC strike again!

Today's mail has brought a "Notice of El Paso Electric Company's Petition to Change Rates."  This notice tells us that they filed their petition on Feb. 13, and that customers have 45 days from that date to seek intervention or further information.  That's right.  Even though we had 45 days, we now have only six until the March 30 deadline!

I have written a letter to the Public Utility Commission, requesting that they turn down this ridiculous request, based on pure and simple greed.  Here is what I wrote:

Public Utility Commission of Texas
P. O. Box 13326
Austin, Texas 78711-3326

Ref:  Docket No. 46831

               I have today received a "NOTICE OF EL PASO ELECTRIC COMPANY'S PETITION TO CHANGE RATES."  According to this notice, El Paso Electric (EPE or Company) filed this petition some six weeks ago, and finally has seen fit to advise me of the fact that I now have only six days in which to request intervention or further information.  This action, in and of itself, is - to say the least - somewhat disengenuous.

               I hereby object most strenuously to this seriously delayed action, and the petition itself.  As I understand the petition, EPE is telling us that they decided to invest their money in two new power generation facilities and other capital investment additions from 2015 and 2016.  Forgive this non-business person's obvious ignorance, but I thought that business investments were just that -  investments.  Why should the consumer, who was certainly not consulted prior to the new power generating facilities or other capital investment additions, now be called upon to hasten the return on EPE's investment?  I was not aware that investments work that way.  Beyond that question, I would like to know if it is EPE's intention to lower their new higher rates for the consumer once they have collected their accelerated return on investment?

               Frankly, the explanation provided by EPE in their notice fails to persuade me that this is an honest or even reasonable effort on their part.  I urgently request the Commission to reject this rate increase request.  I would remind the Commission that EPE enjoys a veritable monopoly here in West Texas, as the consumers here have no other options when it comes to obtaining electrical power.

I don't really expect much to come of my little effort, but I do think this local monopoly has had it their greedy way for way too long.

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