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Wednesday, August 17, 2016

We've seen this shit before

I do not know which is worse, the actual person of Donald Trump, or his idiot followers.  His most rabid followers appear to be concentrated in that hotbed of ignorance, the deep South.  Irony, anyone?  They say all those catch phrases about how he tells it like it is, and he speaks for them, and so on.  And, they totally forget that he is nothing like them.  Well, other than his racist views, that is.

Donald Trump is the worst kind of carpetbagger.  A man who only wants their vote so he can go on ahead and inflict as much damage as he can on all the world, while making himself even richer than he may have been before.  Of course, we do not know if he really is rich, since his finances seem to be so well hidden.  There are reports that his biggest benefactors are Russians who are close to Vlad the Bad!  (Can you say, "Russian Mafia?")

He has offered not one single, rational thought or idea, or plan to do anything to help any American anywhere.  His mannerisms, speech patterns, and very existence smacks of Mussolini or Hitler.  Meanwhile, the son of a bitch is like a moth drawn to the light of media attention, and what could we expect?  He is, after all, a creation of the media.  It occurs to me that the best way to finally stifle him is to just turn off the damn light!  In other words, stop giving him so much free air time!  Stop devoting pages and pages of print space and web space to his latest blurting of empty words and phrases!  Do you not notice that his campaign is not running tv ads?  Why should he spend money on advertising when he gets so much free air time?

Worse, his supporters are just like him.  They are incapable of any rational discussion on any topic, and always - always - resort to ad hominen attacks on anyone who says anything they perceive as contrary to their candidate or their own positions.

They possess very firm opinions on a great many topics, but have no factual information behind those opinions.  They are only raw emotion fed by gross ignorance, and therefore, just as dangerous as he is.

At the end of the day, another question arises:  If he "tells it like it is," why are his supporters constantly trying to explain what it was that he meant when he said his latest foot-in-mouth bushwah?

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