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Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Edward R. Murrow is spinning like a wild top.

Is it just me, or has anyone else noticed that today's "reporters," these so-called journalists, have no concept of journalism or reporting of the news?  Or, maybe, they just have no balls?  Just once I'd like to see a politician - or any other person - asked a question that they then must answer!

Every interview that is shown on television these days, whether it is with a candidate for office, or a celebrity or sports hero or whatever, shows seemingly straightforward questions being asked, but never answered.  When the person being questioned fails to actually respond to the question, we never see the reporter push for the answer their question deserved.  They let it slide, every single time!

And, this is part of what is wrong with us today.  We (my wife and I) recently watched "The Newsroom" lately, and the scenes showing life on the campaign bus of the GOP's last Presidential candidate (Mittens; you remember him?).  Only one news person dares to ask real questions, and he never receives answers.  And, his questions are only to staff members of the candidate, because they deny him access to the actual, live candidate!  How could this be acceptable to anyone?  Yes, I know that this is a fictionalized television production, but I believe it is an accurate depiction of what goes on during political campaigns.

Look at the ridiculous staged events that are still referred to as debates!  None of these staged events comes close to even resembling the active give-and-take of political debates from our history.  And, that is so sad.  Our candidates are not being shown in any real light, and therefore our political decisions are canned, pre-determined, and lifeless.

Or, in real life, with the current campaign, we see on a daily basis, an asshole like Herr Drumpf get away with making the most outrageous statements, but never, ever being called on them.  Reporters ask him questions, he goes off on a rant, and they let him get away with it!  But, then, they let Hillary get away with avoiding direct questions, too.  The only one who ever responds to questions is Bernie, and he lacks adequate support.  (He does, however, appear to be making enough difference to affect change within the Democratic Party.  And, that's a good thing).

Ultimately, I'd love to see just one so-called reporter push someone, somewhere, sometime during an interview, to the point of obtaining a real answer to a real question.  And, I don't mean, "How does/did that make you feel?"  MMMMMMKay?

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