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Alligators 'n Roadkill
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Tuesday, April 17, 2012

An Update of sorts.........

Well, it has been a while, and now that we are back in Costa Rica, maybe it is time for an update.  Blanca was in Texas from last August, until our return here on April 3 (I had gone up in November).  My eyes are relatively stable, but I will need a cataract surgery some day.  I am using the eye drops that have no preservatives added to them (they come in little plastic throw-away ampules, and naturally cost more).

We anticipate staying here no longer than about three months.  We hope to be able to sell the place, but don't really expect that to happen so quickly.  So, we need to try to sort through our personal belongings, so as to try to take back with us those things most important, and protect those things that will have to wait until we can afford the cost of shipping (btw, if anyone knows of any shippers who will pack and move stuff from Costa Rica back to the states, please let me know).

Internet service is - if anything - worse than it used to be.  Curiously, even though there are new providers, they apparently are no better able to provide service in this remote area, so we are still stuck with whatever ICE wants to give us.  The plan I have now is a pre-pay that costs a lot less than what I paid before, but the bandwidth is very bad.  I have gotten it to work with the new router I brought back, but find that I can barely stream audio and a television feed from  Skype calls are not at all good, even just voice.  If I try to download a video, then the internet is no good for anything else.  And, I know that it is not just me (my neighbor, who pays more per the month, with the same old system, has no better connectivity than do I).

We found the microwave to be DOA, and the coffee maker as well.  Some of our kitchen items are MIA, and others totally useless..........the yard work that I had left money to pay for never got of the two batteries for my drill is DOA (at least our guy did call me to tell me to bring another charger, while I was still in Texas)......

So, onward and upward..........we are here, for now.........

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