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Alligators 'n Roadkill
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Wednesday, June 26, 2019

And The Horse You Rode In On

If, at this point in time, you still cling to your blind, uninformed, ignorant and aimless support of that man in the white house, I got no time for you.  I got no sympathy for you.  I got nothing for you.

Nothing about these two plus years has been normal.  Nothing about this administration is acceptable.  Nothing from him and his minions has been good for the average American citizen.

The whole world hates us, through him.  We no longer can be considered a world leader in much of anything but hate, fear mongering, the making of war, and greed.  We have allowed the few rich to own everything we once held dear.  They have increased the speed of their efforts to destroy everything good in the world, as we watch Global Climate Change worsen and bring new horrors nearly every day.

We see a manufactured crisis on our Southern Border that has our own government agencies and many of our fellow citizens acting just like the people of Germany did with Hitler and his Nazis, and we do nothing!

We are responsible for any mess in Latin America that is causing people from that part of this continent to seek a better life here, even though our lives are not as good as they once were.  MAGA, my ass!  We were great once upon a time.  We are not great at this time.  Not even good.  We are a boil on the ass of the world, and we are all complicit!

I am sick and tired of it, and I have no wish to engage with any more of the myriad of lame excuses you might use to justify what you and he are doing.  Stop.  Stop now.

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