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Tuesday, April 3, 2018

K. Osborne, Deputy Vice Chairman, of the Board of Veterans' Appeals should be famous.

Does anybody know what a "Deputy Vice Chairman" might be?  I have received a letter from "K. Osborne," whose signature line indicates that he/she holds that no doubt super important position with the Board of Veterans' Appeals, in Washington, D. C.

This very official looking letter informs me that a motion to move my appeal forward on the docket of this esteemed entity, received by them on Jan. 5, 2018, is denied.  I did not submit such a motion, or any other motion to these people.  I have been patiently waiting my appeal for these last two years or so, and expect at least another year to go by before I ever hear anything further from them.  I do fully expect my appeal to be denied, as well, because in my experience with the VA I find that they do not know how to say anything but, "No."

This letter is important, however, and very unique.  In the more than three years since I applied to VA, this is the first communication that I have received from anyone there that actually includes not only a name, but a signature as well!  Really,  up until this letter, I thought only unnamed persons with fanciful titles worked at VA.

So, I have undertaken to write a letter back to K. Osborne, just to mark the occasion.  Here's a copy for y'all to see:

April 3, 2018

K. Osborne
Deputy Vice Chairman
Board of Veterans' Appeals
Washington DC  20420

Ref:        014/AOD61
               C 25 619 589

Dear Sir or Madam:

               I am in receipt of your letter dated March 24, 2018.  I was pleased and delighted to receive this correspondence, as it represents a first for me in my dealings with the VA.  It is the first letter that I have received from anyone at VA that actually contains a name and a signature.  In other words, this is the first evidence I have seen that there might actually be real, live human beings working at VA!
               However, I must inform you that your letter makes little sense to me, as it talks about a motion that your Board received on January 5, 2018, to advance my case on your docket.  I must confess that this mention, or indeed, the notion of a motion, possibly on my behalf, is news to me.  Since I began this rather long, drawn out process of applying for VA assistance some three years ago, I have submitted no motions to you or your Board.  I have endeavored to provide the VA with as much information as my limited resources allow, and have tried to comply with your process to the best of my ability, but alas, no motions.
               Therefore, even though you have finally provided me with a name at VA, I must tell you that I have no idea what your letter is talking about.
               Frankly, I would have to say that your letter does serve to reassure me that any chance of my ever living long enough to receive any form of assistance from the VA regarding my health issues dating back to my time in the U. S. Army are akin to that of a cascade of snowballs putting out the fire of Kilauea (fyi, that's an active volcano in Hawaii).  It is clear to me now that I likely need the services of legal counsel, plus written statements from medical and dental experts in order to capture your attention.  But, you know, if I could afford such, I would never have started this arduous process in the first place.
               I trust that you will have a very nice day, sir or madam, as the case may be.

Yours Very Truly,

Won't y'all please help me to make K. Osborne semi-famous by spreading his/her name and title all over the 'net?  Thank you.

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