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Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Another of Life's little Mysteries.

Here is the mystery, in one question:
How the hell does Carl's Jr. stay in business?!
We recently saw a television ad for their new Beer Cheese Bacon Burger, and my wife said, "We should try that!  It looks good!"

I should have pointed out to her that it could not be very good if the beer in question had anything to do with Budweiser, but alas, I held my tongue.  Big mistake.  Yuuuuuge.

Well, Sunday, we decided to go for it.  I only wish I had taken photos, but it looked so bad, I just did not have the heart.  The bun looks great, much like we saw on TV. But, the patty looked like it had been cooked at least two hours prior to our order.  The color was very dark, almost black, and it looked like it had specks of something, maybe onions in it.  There was a single slice of tomato, and some pieces of lettuce in there, but it was not exactly appetizing.  It was, at best, lukewarm.

We also got regular fries, and regular size drinks.  This was only because we had to insist that we did not want or need medium or large sizes.  My Coke was flat.

They also declined our requests for mustard, mayo, or even ketchup, saying that it "has cheese."  We still do not understand that, but it did, indeed have both something white that looked like cheese, and the yellow cheese saucy looking thing we saw on TV.

And, now, for the worst part:  The cost for this really bad food was Nine Bucks!  And, wouldn't you know it, their receipt has no link for a customer survey, and the plastic box on the wall where you exit, says this is for customer response cards, but I saw no blank cards anywhere inside!

So, here's the thing.  This cannot count as being part of that pursuit of the best burger in town that I was doing last year, and it certainly would not get a mention from any real critic.  My best advice is to not bother going to Carl's Jr., ever.  Way over priced and really bad food.  Too bad we don't have a Red Robin in El Paso.  At these prices, at least I could have gotten something good to eat.

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