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Monday, September 12, 2016

Cable Television: Legal Larceny.

As you may (or may not) know by now, I have recently and proudly cut the pay per view cable.  I refuse to pay for my television reception any longer, unless I can be sure that what I receive is what I want and that what I receive comes without commercial interruption.

"What's that?" you say.  Think about this.  When I paid AT&T, or DISH, or Time Warner for any of their packages, I was actually paying for the questionable privilege of receiving mostly dreck which was always accompanied by commercials!  I had allowed these leeches to talk me into paying twice, in a very real sense, for garbage that I literally never watched.  In order to receive those few channels that I thought I might want to watch - occasionally - I had to pay for a ton of crap content that I never, ever watched!

Do you know anyone who ever watched any Jesus channel?  Shopping Networks?  Or, any of the myriad nothing channels that are all over cable, but not OTA?  Exactly!  So, why the hell should I be forced to pay for that shite if I am not going to watch any of it?  Meanwhile, those that are not selling me something outright, are selling their air time for commercials!

So, here's my thoughts.  If I cannot pick and choose only those channels in which I am interested, do not ask me to pay for any channels.  If I pay for a channel, then it better be commercial free!  That's right.  If your content is so damn good, broadcast it to everyone for free.  TNT, WGN, ACM, and all you others, I am talking to you.  I refuse to pay for your content.

Do you have any idea how many channels are available over the air, in most markets?  Granted, there are still some rural areas where no television is available, but let's be honest, the population living in rural areas today is tiny compared to what it was back in the early days of radio and even of broadcast television.  Right here in El Paso, Texas, I can pick up about twenty channels with an indoor antenna!  And, the picture quality is better than any cable or satellite!  For free!

And, before I forget.  Monday Night Football was so much better when it was broadcast over the air, via ABC, than it is now!  And, in case you did not notice, the commercials shown on ESPN are mostly for crap products because even Madison Avenue is aware that fewer people watch ESPN than ABC.

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