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Monday, April 27, 2015

I got a Two-fer.

Well, I ate lunch twice today.  First, my son called and said that his co-workers have been urging him to give Chuco Burger another chance.  You may (or not) recall that my wife and my son and I tried this place last May, and found it did not meet the standards of the bragging that I had heard and read about it at all.
          With no other plans on our plate, we decided to go for it, and we were not disappointed!  The little hole-in-the-wall is improving!  The owner has recently had a large window added to the front wall, and this alone has brightened the place up a lot.  The front door is now glass, instead of a solid, old heavy thing.  There is more seating now, and there were actually customers inside, some already eating, others waiting.
          The menu has been printed up, and offers more variety than before.  Prices have gone up, but are still comparable to his competition.  The recommended burger is called a "Dabble-Dabble," pronounced double-double, and features two patties ("almost a full pound") and double cheese.  Specialty fries are now available, but the regular fries are worth a try.  He actually offers fresh cut, large, old-fashioned fries that are cooked to a golden brown, instead of the pale and skinny under done look most places offer these days.  That's right.  The fries are not frozen!
          Milk shakes are now available in more than just the standard three flavors.  As a matter of fact, Chuco himself recommends the piƱa colada flavor.  Sodas are still just in a can, and there is also bottled water available for the same price ($1.25).  My son went for the specialty burger, I ordered my regular burger, without cheese and no mustard, but with mayo.  My wife got a cheeseburger.
          John ordered a chorizo/cheese fries basket for the table, and Chuco brought us a sample of the regular fries, which are likely the best you can find in El Paso.  Here's the bottom line:  Chuco Burger has got it right!  The buns are toasted just enough to ensure that they will hold together until you're done, and this, to me, is a big deal.  My burger was juicy, and crunchy, with lots of pickles, tomato, lettuce, and just the right amount of mayo.
          John reported that his "Dabble-Dabble" was great, and he agrees that this place is way better than the last time we tried it.  And, more important, my wife was happy this time.  We all agreed that we will be back for sure.
          Oh, bring cash, because no cards are accepted, and there is no ATM.  As for how it is that I ate twice today, that burger was my first meal, and my second one is right now, as I eat my words from my last post about Chuco Burger, which does indeed now serve El Paso's best burger.  Try it; you'll like it.

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