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Tuesday, June 17, 2014

The Best Burger Quest Goes On The Road.

Well, I finally got to Casino El Camino, on 6th Street (near Red River) in the ATX. Gotta tell ya, they do make a good burger, BUT!
According to their web site, they are "NOW PROUDLY SERVING ALL NATURAL SUGAR SODAS, INCLUDING GENUINE MEXICAN COKE!" So, when the waitress asked us what we wanted to drink, I said I'd love to have a Mexican Coke, and I think she thought I was asking for cocaine! She said, "We only have normal cokes." I pointed out what their web site says, and she tried to say that must be their other location, on Ben White. (Their web site only mentions one location. This one). 

We did notice that they will, upon request, make you a smaller burger than the 3/4 pounder featured on the menu, so we all three asked for smaller burgers. We still got big damn burgers, and I have no idea what size they might have been, or what they cost. They did not present me with an itemized bill, only the credit slip for my signature. I find that, together with their false advertising, to be big negatives. Their burger does rate a 9, but their failure to provide a proper bill, and their wait staff's ignorance of their own advertising bring their total rating way down, in my little book.

My Burger was their Chicago Burger, and I forgot to ask for either a ciabatta or a foccacia bun.  My mistake.  The pretty regular bun I got did a fair job of holding things together, but this burger is so juicy, and so greasey (grease is good, folks), that it did literally drip onto the table and my tray.   The bun got soaked, but did hold together pretty well.  The burger had a great, meaty taste, and the romaine lettuce was plentiful.  I also got tomato, and I had asked for Mayo, and the proper amount was there.  Kudos to the guys in the kitchen, because they do a great job.  And, let's keep in mind that this is a BAR!  It is not a restaurant.  They added bar food on their own, but the food is secondary to the bar.

Overall, as I said, the burger gets a 9, but the other problems I encountered make the rating for this place about a 7.

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