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Saturday, April 27, 2013

Do The Dew (berry Jam, that is).

"Music is the only language in which you cannot say a mean or sarcastic thing." -- John Erskine  --  (Editor’s Note:  with the possible exception of Randy Newman’s song, “Short People”).

I just want to take the time to recommend a very special radio station to everyone within the sound of my voice (pun intended).  I have this Facebook friend, Billy ‘Dew’ Dewberry, who originally hails from Tennessee, but saw the light, and now makes his home in Texas.  Dew has a little AM station (1670, if you’re in San Antonio) that is billed as a Community Service.  What his billing doesn’t mention is that his service is not really limited to just the neighborhoods his web site mentions (  The station is known as Dewberry Jam Community Radio.

No, thanks to the miracle of internet streaming, the whole world can listen to his eclectic mix of – in his words – “Country, Americana, Outlaw, Blues, Rock, and Talk…”  I have followed Dew’s posts on Facebook (with great interest and delight) for some time now, but only very recently found the time to connect to his station.  I resisted the temptation for the longest time, because since we returned to Texas from Costa Rica, my only computer is this laptop, and let’s face it, the sound quality just is not there.

I finally figured out how to connect using my Archos (Archos 70 Internet Tablet, with 250 GB HDD) Tablet, with WinAmp’s Shoutcast feature.  And, I have been tuning in over the last few days.  I expect to keep Dew’s station as my favorite Shoutcast station, and when not listening to my own music, or Pandora, Dew is now my main man.  His mix is pretty close to the kind of thing I usually like, but importantly, he is exposing me to some things I would not normally find on my own.

His station has a great web site, and you can link to any of the several methods for listening (via streaming) from whatever device you want, from wherever in the world you might be.  Ain’t technology wonderful?

Give him a listen.

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