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Alligators 'n Roadkill
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Thursday, June 2, 2011

What’s with all the do-gooders always crying about cruelty to animals, anyway?

There are too many people, and too few human beings. - Robert Zend

I keep stumbling into these pitiful cries for assistance, all over the ‘net:
“Help stop pet abuse” – “Please save Beto (or, Paco, or Spot, or whoever)” -
“My Tico neighbors leave their dogs tied up in the back yard all week…..” and like that.  Oh, and, then there is evidently a monthly ‘election’ to see what animal shelter (operated by more do-gooders) gets a donation, right here in Costa Rica (take a look at CRL).
And, I have a short message for the people who seem to obsess over the fate of various dumb animals:  Hey!  Get a life!  We have so many other important things to worry about in this small, little, teeny, tiny corner of the world………..if y’all have the time and the resources to waste on someone else’s pets, or worse, on strays, then maybe you need to re-evaluate your life.
It is not bad enough that some folks waste their time worrying over things like the evil machinations of Monsanto, or the importance of Organic Food (and only Organic Food), or the pressing need for food supplements, or the questionable efficacy of homeopathic medicine (is that an oxymoron, or something?).  No, they also have to get themselves all worked up over the status of domestic animals…….or, in Costa Rica, non-domesticated animals.  It is actually funny to listen to some gringos go on and on about how animal abuse is so bad.  But, they lack all understanding of certain facts of life.
This is Costa Rica.  They have different laws.  They have different traditions.  They have a different culture.  They have a different language.  And, hey!  Guess what?  It is their country!  So, along with all of those differences, here’s another heads up for ya:  They have a very different attitude towards pets!  For one thing, their word for a pet is ‘mascota.’  And, that translates directly as ‘mascot.’  Look it up!  (Oh, well, here you go:  “A person, animal, or object believed to bring good luck, especially one kept as the symbol of an organization such as a sports team”).  Now, that is not quite the same idea that comes to mind, in English, when talking about the family dog, is it?
So, let’s get to the point of this little rant.  Gringos who go around declaiming and decrying the abuse of animals here are seen as meddlers, ‘Metiches.’  Now, here in CR they may say instead ‘entromedio’’ because metiche is not really a Spanish word, but comes from one of the many Indian dialects that are native to the Americas.  But, basically the idea remains: a nosy person, one who is butting in where they are not only not welcome, but not needed.
I have to wonder about people who can find so much time to devote to the welfare of animals.  I suppose it is a very altruistic thing to do, and I’m sure the animals appreciate it, but it just seems to me that with all the trouble in this world between people, and all the things that people do to each other, maybe, just maybe y’all could spend a bit of time trying to help your fellow man.  At least maybe find ways to prevent human abuse.  How about all the little kids that are hungry?  Maybe some time could be found for the ones who lack decent clothing.  What about the ones who are denied an education? 
And, here’s another surprise for you.  You do not have to go any great distance to find kids that need your help.  They are right there, next door, down the street, or on the next block.  And, by the way…………….?  That statement applies equally back in the States as it does here in Costa Rica.


  1. Hi John,

    It's not a zero sum game in my book. I can chose to help humans and animals. And I do. I eat animals, some people don't. I think it's OK to confine chickens to produce eggs... but I don't like it when people abuse animals.

    It's just nice to see people get worked up over SOMETHING! (and you do get worked up don't you!) :-)

  2. Well, I could not disagree with you more. Apparently, your attack against expats' widely known concerns for Costa Rica's Fido and Kitty, is meant to provoke. I will not bite, but what you are saying is quite revealing in other areas and carries its own message.

  3. I feel sorry for your poor wife ! Living with someone like you must be hell. You had to start your own blog so you could spit out your nasty thoughts and opinions because you get kicked out of the other forums because of your shitty attitude. All I can say is thank goodness YOU are a minority. Now, go back to America and leave CR to us. How could you have ever thought that you would be happy in a country full of kind and loving people so unlike yourself?

  4. Wow! There are so many things I could say to you, “China.” First, and most obvious, if you feel so strongly, and want to attack me so openly, why don’t you have the courage of your convictions, and provide us with your identity? Why do you have to use a made-up/online/pseudonym?
    First idea that comes to my mind is chickenshit. Second, of course, is “Stupid is as stupid does.”
    FYI, I am still an active member of many online forums, but this is not a forum. It is indeed my own personal Blog, and I can say whatever the hell I want to say here. If you don’t like it, you do not have to read it. Wonder what that says about you?
    Don’t you think I would just love to go back to America? You want to buy my house? The price to you is only double what it is to the rest of the world.
    Bottom line, you ignorant shit, is that you do not know me, anymore than I know you. Based on your choice to openly attack me, however, it is obvious that you are not someone that I would like to know.