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Thursday, September 2, 2010

Who is Cy Bolinger, and why should any of us care?

That is the saving grace of humor, if you fail no one is laughing at you.
  - A. Whitney Brown

As some of you may have noticed, he is my newest - and biggest – fan. He says, right there in his signature line, that he is a "Published journalist and Spanish speaker". – So what has he published? I googled his name, and all I got was a list of posts – some with his signature line - on various blogs & forums belonging to others, plus letters to the editor/newspaper blog commentary, and some (voluntary) reviews – a hotel and something else. So, where is his byline, or a bibliography? I guess Google didn't find it, either.

As for his being Spanish speaker…… So what? So am I! Big deal. I do suspect he lived in Austin, Texas, so that is certainly a point in his favor. Austin is a great place.

Maybe he just wanted to give me food for thought, so I can create yet another blog entry. OK, let's run with that…….. (You see, Cy, I can write whatever the hell I want! What a concept! You could, too, if you had a blog, or maybe your own publication).

He said something, on one of his comments to my blog about how [I] "love to leave your own caustic replies to other blogs (on their sites) and, yet, can't stand a little heat on your own... Turnabout is fair play, I believe!" It certainly is fair play, but shouldn't it actually relate to whatever I had posted on my blog? Or, make some sort of sense?

He also said, "What you claim is less than a rant, it memorializes many blog-sites who foster misinformation and innuendo about Costa Rica". Huh? I guess he is in possession of a very unique lexicon, 'cause I didn't realize that I was honoring, in any way, any "blog-sites." And, what the hell is a 'blog-site'? I thought I was talking about how dumb a forum on the web can be (not to mention certain forum members), but obviously, I did not make that clear, at least according to this guy.

Here's the thing (as my favorite defective detective used to say), Cy: I welcome any comments on my blog. At least that can mean that someone is actually reading what I'm posting (publishing, actually. Hey! How about that? I have been "published," too! Isn't that cool?). But, you see, the whole point of having people comment is to reflect that they might have actually read what I wrote. So, now I invite your comment explaining to the whole world how it is that you got the idea that I have been 'memorializing' any other forum on the web? I would really like to know. And, maybe my other two readers would like to know, as well. So, go ahead, take your best shot. I really can take it, you know……..

Addendum:  You know, I did ask the rhetorical question, "why should any of us care?" and, then I never addressed that.  Well, we should care because he is we and we are all together, or something.  Basically, I did want to say that I suspect that Mr. Bolinger is a nice enough guy, who likely was not happy about something I said at some time.   I did notice in those google hits that I got in seeking info about him that he has evidently frequented some of the same forums as I, but generally it appeared that he felt moved to comment on threads other than those upon which I had made comments.  In other words, it appears very likely that we have little in common, as his interests seem to go in different directions from mine.  So, of course, that brings up the question of why did he decide that he had to try to needle me?  I have no clue why he made that choice, but I think we are pretty much done with that now, and I will go on to bitch about something else next.


  1. Well sir, you did yourself quite proud. Someone once said, *"People in glass houses should pull down the shades." Hope you understand that now and how it applies. Thanks for the recognition. It's quite a piece of work. Will include that in my next book.
    *You read in my first post and did not quite understand.
    Cy Bolinger

  2. You have three readers :D
    I really enjoy your blog...

  3. Why thank you, Brems. I 'preciate that.

  4. John: Thanks for the clean-up, but it was not necessary.
    Cy Bolinger

  5. Sure it was necessary. I should have been part of the original all along.