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Alligators 'n Roadkill
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Sunday, June 6, 2010

How about a quick update on the recent uninvited visitor?

Well, since our early morning visit, at the beginning of the week, we have been busy.  I have managed to get the torn screen replaced, and the window guard has been welded back together, and straightened (and painted).  The front door jamb was pounded back into place.  I gave that extra car jack to the guy who did the welding (turned out he didn't have one, and since I obviously didn't need that spare......).  I have bought a piece of the plastic screen to replace the torn one from the screen door that was cut, but have not yet put it into the door.  I took the car to a locksmith in Tilaran, where he installed two Yale locks on the front doors.
    The idiot thief had evidently inserted something like a screwdriver into the driver's side door, and hit it with something.  All he managed to do was break the lock off inside the door, thus making it even harder to open the door!  Of course, by breaking the lock in this manner, it was not repairable, thus the two Yale locks.  Now, we have to carry two keys to use the car.  One small one to open a door, and of course, the original key for the ignition.
     We also have developed a new habit.  We take the face plate for the stereo with us each time we exit the car, in the hope that this might remove some temptation from this, or any other future idiot.
     Oh, yeah, I bought a pellet gun, just in case this happens again.  I figured it can hurt like a sumbitch, if nothing else.  And, I certainly wouldn't mind taking out an eye, or something for an individual like this.......

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  1. I have two words for you Rott Weiler - wait one word Rottweiler.

    I have one, the sweetest dog ever, and every costa rican is scared to death... team her up with a yorkie, and you have the perfect crime fighting duo... just poison-proof 'em and your visitor problems are gone forever...

    BTW I live in Heredia, and never even lock my car dorrs when I am out and about... with my rottie :)